Directional Worksheet

Left and Right Worksheet
Left and Right Worksheet

Even with preschool, Kindergarten is perhaps the first time our little ones will be expected to follow directions. Our Directional Worksheet not only helps master left and right concepts, it is also the perfect excuse to review basic shapes.

A few weeks ago I overheard Liam teaching Harrison how to build a spaceship. (Perhaps I should clarify that was a Lego spaceship?) Liam was giving directions such as “Put the red Lego on the right of the blue Lego.” These directions totally surprised me—did Liam really think his little brother understood left from right?

As I walked over to the boys, Liam was repeating with frustration “No, Harrison, on the RIGHT!” Since then Harrison thinks he understands left from right and describes things accordingly. (Make that tries to describe!)

It’s been so convenient for Liam to understand directions that I thought I would go ahead and begin teaching Harrison. So, this week’s worksheet focuses on left and right. What tricks do you have to teach your younger kids the concept of right and left?

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